what is the meaning of “kompletopia”

This content originally appeared on opner.com What is the meaning of “kompletopia”? “Kompletopia” is a term coined by Volker Bourne, which combines elements of “utopia” and “complexity.” In his statement*, Bourne uses this term to convey the idea that while some may present an idealistic vision of a perfect society (utopia), the reality is much […]

Crush Bar at Les Folies de Mimicalism

This content originally appeared on opner.com Crush Bar at Les Folies de Mimicalism This post was originally published on opner Thank you for considering this content.





Kolumnovalinta Format Videos – An Introduction

Introduction to Kolumnovalinta Format Videos Kolumnovalinta is a specialized column layout on a web page that elegantly combines text content with selected videos, offering an engaging user experience. This unique format allows for seamless integration of multimedia content within a structured columnar design. Benefits of Kolumnovalinta Enhanced Engagement: By juxtaposing textual information with relevant videos, […]


Kolumno Valinta Bistro – A Demonstration of Kolumnovalinta Video Format

The Kolumno Valinta Bistro is a fictional place.   It was created to demonstrate the possible use of kolumnovalinta format videos.   The format is a column playlist of selected videos.   They enable the viewer to choose which to play and the option to play in either compact or full screen modes. The demonstration […]


Polyonoms – An Introduction

Short on time? See the current full list of polyonoms at https://polyonom.com  Polyonoms are what might be described as “pre-neologisms” (aka new words).  Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the term. Polyonoms only came into being in 2023.  Unlike neologisms, polyonoms are novel creations that initial search engine queries return as “nil results”.  Here […]


Mimicalism : Early Stages in Its Development

“There will come a time when all words have been written, all sounds composed and all images created. All then will be Mimicalism.”


T Shirt Designs based on Word Search by Volker Bourne (for Mimicalism™)

T Shirt Designs based on Word Search by Volker Bourne In the world of fashion and creativity, T-shirt designs have taken on a life of their own. Each design tells a unique story, and the creativity of designers knows no bounds.  Volker Bourne, a name that has been making waves in the world of T-shirt […]



Attropiation Attropiation was a new word (or, more correctly, a “polyonom”) created in November 2023.   It is from the new word / polyonom – “attropiate”. Attropiate takes the first four letters of “attribute”. And suffixes them with the word / acronym – “OPIATE”. From the term “Other Person’s Ideas, Actions, Thoughts, Etcetera.” A concept […]


“Isn’t That The Most Realistic Dragon You’ve Ever Seen?”

Sigmund N Ature* original piece was inspired by the tales of Robin Hood and wondering what the fair maidens in the castles around England at that time would dress.    His piece came to the notice of Volker Bourne* who modified it in light of how those ladies would pass the time of day if […]