Omraldia Link Image

OMRALDIA – A polyonom derived from “Origine Marquée Réalisée Avec L’aide De l’intelligence Artificielle” –


Advances in artificial intelligence in early 2024 suggested there could be a requirement to denote images, text and other work that was created with tools available to mankind.

An image to denote this had been co-created by Craig Galloway of Webilaro and Chris Davis of Mimicalism.

Its first iteration was called the “faritamitai”. Farita from the Esperanto for “made”, Mit from the German “with” appended with the initials “AI”.

The “omraldia” concept was created in an effort to make the idea and image more widely accessible.

Fortunately search engine queries for that combination of letters gave nil results.

Leaving the way open to adopt “omraldia” as a polyonom.

Thank you for your time.