Origins of Virtual Coleslaw Theory

The Virtual Coleslaw Theory came about from the confluence of ideas, influences and practices in the spring of 2024.

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Key amongst these were:-


The seeming commoditisation of mother earth’s resources essential for all human life.   With proposals being voiced about separating-out the ownership of land on the earth’s surface from the air above it, the water that flows through it and the substrata below.

This with a view to commoditising those elements and making them tradeable.


The credo in internet marketing circles to “niche-down” and “focus on what you are good at” and“have a passion for”.

These were often accompanied by the exaltation “have some talent that can be packaged as a Unique Selling Point – from which to create a Minimum Viable Product”.


The requirement for new words to reflect changes in the era of Artificial Intelligence and artificial Generative Intelligence had given rise to the concept of and my fleshing-out of “polyonoms”  (

These gave rise to questions such as:-

Can I sell the words (polyonoms) I create?

Can one commoditise words – and by inference – languages?

How would these commodities be traded?

Why “coleslaw”?

In late May 2024 I was at a friend’s newly acquired coffee-shop.

We were exploring with them ideas with for expanding the food side of the business.

Creating a “food hub”.

It was when I was tasting a selection of their home-made coleslaws that it struck me they were a metaphor for the words – the polyonoms – I had been creating for a couple of years.

A blend of ingredients from different sources.

Commoditising words and languages was a hypothetical notion – or a theory.   Unlike the coleslaws – were self-evidently virtual.

Thus the “Virtual Coleslaw Theory” came to be.

As is the practice with polyonoms a check was done on the term ↓

Virtual Coleslaw Theory Web Search Results 28th May 202

The Virtual Coleslaw Exchange (VIRCOLEX)

The exchange where commoditised words and languages would be traded – “VIRCOLEX”.

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A virtual currency token to trade in top-level commoditised words and languages (and derivatives) would possibly be the SLAWCOIN (SLW).

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