Blanka Ruha Dáma

“Blanka Ruha Dáma” is a short conceptual video by Volker Bourne. It is an experimental piece created for a talk he gave in early 2024 at the Global Research Institute of Technology and Innovation.

The title in English language translates to “White Dress Lady”. The words are drawn from Esperanto, Hungarian and Czech. They were used by Volker Bourne in his talk to illustrate the creation of polyonoms – see

As one of the co-founders of the Mimicalism movement Volker Bourne also took the opportunity to introduce his audience to “attropiation” – asking that they attropiate works they create that use content created by third parties. and

Following the end of the scheduled talk, attendees were invited to stay for informal discussions. During those the concept of the “ideosemada” was covered – with Bourne suggesting the seed of the idea had been planted in those who attended.

Blanka Ruha Dáma Volker Bourne Mimicalism Image