Attropiated Release

“Attropiated Release” is a concept for the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Generative Intelligence (AGI).

It offers an alternative to – not a replacement for – the traditional Creative Commons Licensing system.

It aims to provide the creators of web assets with a freedom to draft their own terms under which their outputs can be shared and/or used.

Attropiated Release Social Media Platforms Linker Image

At its heart is the notion of allowing the reuse of all or part of a web asset – “on the understanding that…..”

Example : This video is released as an “Attropiated Release” – which means you are welcome to use any, all or part of the concept and visuals to create you own web assets – or just plain share the whole thing – on the understanding that you will add a link back here to [URL of web asset] and – or

Attropiated is also new word created for the AI an AGI era.

It comes from “attropiate”. Made from the 1st four letters of “attribute”.

And adding the acronym “opiate” – from “Other Peoples’ Ideas Actions Thoughts and Experiences”.

This video is an Attropiated Release. Please use it as is, all or in part, on the understanding you will provide a link back to it.

Thank you for your time – Chris