Our Journey To Mimicalism

The words……

In the beginning, words were few,
But soon they multiplied and grew,
From simple grunts to complex prose,
They blossomed like a fragrant rose.

But now we fear that time is nigh,
When all the words have passed us by,
When every phrase and every rhyme,
Has been used up in endless time.

And what of sounds, so sweet and pure,
That once could make our hearts allure,
Will they too fade into the night,
And leave us in eternal blight?

The melodies that once inspired,
Now seem to leave us feeling tired,
For every note has been played out,
And every chord has lost its clout.

And what of images, so grand,
That once could make us understand,
The beauty of the world around,
And all the wonders that abound?

Will they too vanish from our sight,
And leave us in eternal night,
With nothing left to see or hear,
And nothing left to hold us near?

But wait, perhaps there’s still a chance,
For us to find a new romance,
With words and sounds and images,
That still lie hidden in the ages.

For though it seems that all is done,
And every race has been run,
There’s always something left to find,
If we just keep an open mind.

So let us not despair or fret,
For there’s still time to make a bet,
That we can find a way to see,
The world in all its majesty.


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