Derivaluta – Creations made through Cooperation between Artificial Intelligence and Mankind

Derivaluta is a collective term for creations made through cooperation between artificial intelligence and mankind.

Derivaluta is a polyonom – or a “new word”.

Indeed – polyonom is itself a polyonom – or “new word”.

The lexicon of web terminology is catered for very well by online dictionaries, lists of synonyms and antonyms.

What is less well catered for are new words.

Pulling together polyonoms in a single web site is an attempt to brigade in one place the words created during, or as a consequence of, experiments and designs for web assets.

A key feature that makes this stand out is “Mimicalism Invited”

It is a positive welcome to use the polyonoms to create your own web creations.

Noto Bene : unless stated otherwise the contents of this site are offered  as “Mimicalism Invited”.  It’s my take on Creative Commons with Attribution – but not a replacement for that concept or its implementation.

“Mimicalism Invited”   means you are free to use the content you find on this site, “as is” and/or create derivatives of your own – on the understanding that you include a link (preferably an active hyperlink) back to this site somewhere fairly prominent on the asset and/or platform you are using. 

We’re all human – and all of us sometimes forget to do things – so I reserve the privilege of using and/or linking to unattributed “Mimicalism Invited” content for my own purposes.

Thank for your time – Chris Davis

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