The Era of Mimicalism -The World Beyond Creation without New Words, New Sounds or New Images

Mimicalism – The World Beyond Creation: Exploring a Universe without New Words, Music, and Images


In a reality where all words have been written, all music composed, and all images created, we are faced with a thought-provoking contemplation of what life would be like. This era referred to as Mimcalism is upon us. It takes us beyond the realm of creation and into uncharted territory. The absence of new artistic expressions challenges our perception of progress, imagination, and the very essence of human existence.

The Final Chapter of Creativity

The Last Written Word

In this world, the inkwell of human creativity has seemingly run dry. Every possible arrangement of words has been penned, leaving us with a repository of literature that spans the entire spectrum of human thought and emotion. The very concept of literature as a medium for communication evolves, as authors transition from crafting new narratives to revisiting and interpreting the classics.

The Concluding Symphony

Music, which once thrived on innovation and experimentation, reaches its zenith in this era. The final notes of the last composition linger in the air, leaving a profound silence that resonates throughout the musical landscape. Musicians become custodians of the past, embracing the task of reimagining and reinterpreting timeless melodies.

The Stillness of the Visual Arts

In this world devoid of blank canvases, artists find themselves gazing upon the collective visual heritage of humanity. Paintings, sculptures, and digital art fill every gallery and virtual exhibit. The challenge shifts from creating new visuals to extracting fresh perspectives from existing masterpieces.

The Evolution of Perception

From Novelty to Interpretation

As newness fades from our artistic expressions, our relationship with creativity transforms. The pursuit of novelty gives way to a deeper engagement with interpretation. Audiences delve into the nuances of language, rhythm, and symbolism, finding renewed appreciation for the subtleties that once went unnoticed.

The Age of Collaboration – Derivalutia

In the absence of new creations, collaboration takes center stage. Artists from different disciplines unite to craft multidimensional experiences that transcend the limitations of individual mediums. Musicians collaborate with writers to infuse narratives with immersive soundscapes, while visual artists join forces with poets to create visually evocative verses.

This is the world envisioned in the short story “Le Rayon Citron” (The Lemon Ray) by Volker Bourne – published in August 2023 –

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The Human Essence in a Static World

The Essence of Expression

Even as the avenues of artistic creation close, the human spirit continues to yearn for expression. Through reinterpretation, adaptation, and fusion, individuals find innovative ways to channel their emotions, experiences, and ideas. The indomitable urge to communicate endures, demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit.

An Eternal Quest for Meaning

In this world of fulfilled creative potential, the quest for meaning takes precedence. People explore the depths of philosophy, spirituality, and self-discovery. The limitations of external novelty propel individuals to turn inward, seeking enlightenment and purpose in a universe saturated with the echoes of the past.


The Era of Mimicalism – The world after all words have been written, all music composed, and all images created is one of reflection, reinterpretation, and collaboration. It challenges us to redefine creativity, perceive beauty in the familiar, and embrace the infinite realm of human potential. In this static universe, the human spirit perseveres, driven by an unyielding need to communicate, connect, and find significance.


1. Is there no room for new art in this world?
  While the traditional concept of new art diminishes, reinterpretation and collaboration ensure that artistic expression continues to evolve.

2. How do artists find inspiration in such a universe?
  Artists draw inspiration from the layers of existing creations, extracting deeper meanings and forging connections across mediums.

3. What role does technology play in this scenario?
  Technology enables new ways of experiencing and interacting with existing art, fostering innovative ways of interpretation.

4. Is creativity entirely limited to art and expression?
  Creativity extends beyond artistic pursuits to problem-solving, innovation, and the continuous evolution of human thought.

5. How does society adapt to the absence of novelty?
  Societal focus shifts towards introspection, personal growth, and the exploration of philosophical and existential questions.