IDEOSEMADA No. 2 – “Increasing Your Reach With YTRankboost + WPHorde”

YTRankboost and WPHorde are two web-based services that have been pivotal to establishing “polyonom” , “mimicalism” and “tritokreuz”.   All three were new, never-been-done-before-on-the-web in 2023.  


YTRankboost is a well established, well supported service provided by Curt Crowley – a reputable internet marketer and co-founder of “Society 11” way back in December 2016 – with a public launch in February 2017.  

YTRankboost enables the dissemination of YT videos across 2,000 + web 2 properties.

WPHorde offers a similar service with dissemination across WordPress installations.

By using the two services in tandem to complement their respective strengths is especially useful for gaining exposure – notably for new concepts and ideas.

Assertions are one thing.  Without evidence they are only hearsay.  

So I encourage you to see the results you get from your preferred search engine for the words polyonom , mimicalism and tritokreuz.

The successful dissemination of Mimicalism and Polyonom can largely attributed to “YTRankBoost” which shares its landscape format videos across 2k+ web assets.  

This gives greater visibility to its videos – and with the “Plus” Edition allows it to add links and text. If you’re looking to boost the reach of your Youtube videos you might like to consider doing similar.  You can get hold of YTRankBoost via this link

Yes- it’s an affiliate link.  That means I will probably get some financial remuneration if you decide to it can help you and you choose to subscribe to the service.

It will cost you exactly the same as going direct to the vendor – who I know personally and can vouch for the long-term maintenance and improvements.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Davis

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