The 2029 Komplemensch Plebiscite

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The 2029 Komplemensch Plebiscite

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Angomensch Enclave is reported to be considering a plebiscite encompassing the entirety of the human race.

This has captivated the world’s attention.

This extraordinary event, currently shrouded in intrigue and speculation, has sparked a global conversation unlike any seen before.

As individuals digest the implications of such a monumental decision, the world stands on the brink of a historic moment that could reshape the very fabric of society.

The plebiscite involving every single human being on the planet is a proposal that has captured the imagination of millions.

Through the power of technology and innovation, individuals from all corners of the globe have been brought together in a virtual ballot.

Transcending borders and barriers to participate in this groundbreaking exercise of collective decision-making.

A first draft of a Non Repudiation Bill is rumoured to be nearly ready for public release.

The lifiting of its embargo is understood to coincide with a consultation exercise seeking contributions for further clauses and sections.

Further information will be released via the web and people are urged to search for “Komplemensch Plebiscite”.


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