What are some similarities between Mankomistroism and political ideologies?

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There are a few similarities between Mankomistroism and political ideologies:

    1. Mankomistroism advocates for a society based on a lack-of-mistrust, which is similar to the socialist value of cooperation. Both ideologies emphasize working together towards common goals.

    2. Mankomistroism’s core tenet of transitioning to Fyoodalism with accountable overseers providing for people’s basic needs is reminiscent of the progressive ideology that believes the government has an essential role in social reform and economic improvement for citizens.

    3. Mankomistroism shares the conservative view that historical trust-based systems have led to vulnerability and abuse. Conservatives also value traditional institutions and beliefs.

However, Mankomistroism differs from most other ideologies in its specific focus on a lack-of-mistrust as the foundation for societal change.

 Mankomistroism is a departure from the extant political descriptions.  It aims to be neutral rather than tribal and there is no intention for it to be more closely pigeon-holed with any particular political spectrum (left, right, center).