What is the context in which “kompletopia” is used?

The term “kompletopia” is used in the context of a fictional dialogue between a news presenter and Volker Bourne, a character who shares his thoughts on the concept of a utopian society.

In this context, Bourne uses the term “kompletopia” to describe the idea that while some may present an idealized vision of a perfect society, the reality is much more complex and fraught with challenges due to human nature and its inherent flaws.

Bourne’s statement*, which includes the term “kompletopia,” suggests that the pursuit of utopia is often distorted by human frailties and ambitions, leading to a complex and challenging societal landscape where ideals can be manipulated for personal gain or power.

This concept is presented as a critique of the idea that a perfect society can be achieved without considering the complexities and pitfalls involved in striving for such a goal.

In this context, “kompletopia” serves as a thought-provoking concept that encourages critical thinking about the challenges of achieving societal perfection and the potential for ideals to be distorted by human nature.

They are trying to persuade us they are providing a utopia – but they are human – and have human frailties.  If not they, it will be others who adopt and distort their meaning for their own ends.  History has shown this trait is repeated in many guises. What they are painting is a picture of a kompletopia”  ~ Volker Bourne.

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