Kolumnovalinta Format Videos – An Introduction

Introduction to Kolumnovalinta Format Videos

Kolumnovalinta is a specialized column layout on a web page that elegantly combines text content with selected videos, offering an engaging user experience. This unique format allows for seamless integration of multimedia content within a structured columnar design.

Benefits of Kolumnovalinta

  • Enhanced Engagement: By juxtaposing textual information with relevant videos, users can grasp concepts more effectively and engage deeply with the content.
  • Visual Appeal: The layout’s visual harmony captivates visitors, encouraging longer on-page dwell time.
  • Versatility: Kolumnovalinta accommodates diverse content types, from educational tutorials to storytelling narratives, enriching the user experience.


The term kolumnovalinta was first coined in November 2023.  It was made public as a polyonom.  See https://polyonom.com/kolumnovalinta

Early Example

The first example of the kolumnovalinta format was made public on 26th November 2023.  It used the eponymous word to create a fictional bistro.  The deonstration can be seen here at https://opner.com/kolumno-valinta-bistro

Implementing Kolumnovalinta

  • Layout Design: Utilize a two-column grid format with text on one side and selected videos on the other.
  • Content Selection: Curate videos that complement the text, providing additional context or visual demonstrations.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure the layout is responsive across devices, optimizing user experience on various screen sizes.

Best Practices

  • Balance: Maintain a harmonious balance between text and video content, avoiding overwhelming visuals.
  • Accessibility: Caption or provide transcripts for videos to cater to diverse audiences.


Kolumnovalinta Format Videos offer an innovative approach to presenting content, fostering engagement and enriching user experience through a cohesive blend of text and carefully selected videos. Implementing this column format can elevate your website’s appeal and effectively convey information.


The term “kolumnovalinta” was created to describe the outputs of software entitled “Video Podcast Player”.  

The software is available (via my affiliate link) at http://tinyclix.com/vpp 


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