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Drawn from a fictional work Pilkingtons Gamble based around a crisis management exercise and its aftermath exploring the issues that arise when the fict…


The Quangomensch Cabal is a fiction.

A supposedly mysterious and secretive organization that has recently reignited intrigue and speculation.

The Cabal is a term that has reemerged in the era of digitaldatamanipulation.

However the word Quangomensch itself is a pseudo nonfictional term

Its used to describe a group of influential individuals who wield immense power and control over global affairs.

The word is a polyonom. It is thought to be gaining traction amongst those fascinated by the use propganda and censorship to further their own ends.

It owes much to the thinking and practice of the former Soviet Unions ideological subversion.

It acknowledges the success of that initiative.

And potentially acts as a marker from where such practices may start to be reversed.


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