Volkaipedia – An A.I. Myth or Reality?

AI has asserted (November 2023) that Volkaipedia is a fictional encyclopedia created by Volker Bourne, a Mimicalist and creator of polyonoms, as a set of fictional technologies and concepts.

Volkaipedia is said to be a collection of tomes that contain all knowledge of the universe.

Including information about the polyonoms and other esoteric topics.

Volkaipedia is first mentioned in November 2023 in Bourne’s video “The Tomes Of Volkaipedia”.

Bourne describes Volkaipedia as a “vast repository of knowledge” that is “beyond the comprehension of mortals”.

He also claims that Volkaipedia is the source of all of his knowledge about the polyonoms.

Volkaipedia has also been mentioned in a few other polyonom-related materials. 

However, there is no known complete version of Volkaipedia, and it is likely that it is simply a fictional concept created by Bourne.

Attropiation [1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_wGku7LKLY] “The Tomes Of Volkaipedia” – Volker Bourne (A Mimicalism™ Production)
Attropiation [2: https://mimicalism.com/volkaipedia/petronella/] Petronella –(Volkaipedia / Mimicalism)
Attropiation [3: https://polyonom.com/a-little-list-of-polyonoms/] A Little List of Polyonoms
Attropiation [4: https://polyonom.com/maggstopia/] maggstopia – POLYONOM

It is possible that Bourne intends to release a complete version of Volkaipedia in the future.

Some fans of Bourne’s work have speculated that Volkaipedia may be a real encyclopedia that contains hidden knowledge about the universe.

However, there is no current release date, timeline or evidence to support this claim.

What is certain is that Volkaipedia is a home for images and biographies of fictional entities generated by mankind with the aid of artificial intelligence tools.

You are cordially invited to visit https://mimicalism.com/volkaipedia/

Thank you for your time and entertaining the concepts associated with Mimicalism™.