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stegobfusca surreal images 1 to 6 incluive.stegobfusca was a form of art created in 2022.It owes it existence to the widening availability of image creatio…

stegobfusca was a form of art originally created in 2022.

It owes it existence to the widening availability of image creation tools and access to artifical intelligence.

stegobfusca is a hybrid word or a polyonom created to cover the concept of combining encryptionfree steganography with obfuscation.

Imagine how many images there are of the Mona Lisa.

If there were a message to you hidden behind just one of those images of that enigmatic smile.

A message known only the image creator and you or a closeduser group who knew i which Mona Lisa image contained the message and ii who also had the cipher key.

How long would it take to detect and find that single message

Of course its not a perfect system.

Human frailty repetition habits etc. will eventually give up the messages.

Thats what helped crack Enigma. But that was a centralised system.

A decentralised system will be less easy to infiltrate.

Think blockchain for images and communation.

And thats where the bottom line can be increased become a trusted provider of stegobfusca services.

Art meets commerce its an ugly world but one that can be made beautiful with stegobfusca. Check this out.

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