DEOSEMADAI – AI Generated Information for inspiration?

Deosemadai is a polyonom I created in late October 2023.  

The autogenerated AI feed I had running in my browser threw up some “interesting” variations in the days that followed.  They may provide inspiration for alternative meanings!  They’re listed below this video!

Deosemadai is a Greek word that means to imitate signs.

It is a term used in linguistics to describe the process by which a word or phrase comes to be used as a sign for another word or phrase. This can happen through a variety of mechanisms, such as metaphor, simile, or metonymy.

For example, the word red can be used as a sign for the color red, or it can be used as a sign for danger. The word dog can be used as a sign for the animal dog, or it can be used as a sign for loyalty.

Deosemadai can also be used to describe the process by which a sign comes to be used to represent something that is not physically present. For example, the word love can be used to represent a feeling that cannot be seen or touched.

In the context of the Reddit post you provided, Ideosemada Plus 9 is a new album by the band Deosemadai. The album is described as a “Mimicalism Polyonom Production”, which suggests that it is a work that imitates or mimics other works in some way.

Here is an example of a sentence using the word deosemadai:

The poet used deosemadai to create a vivid image of the moon in her poem.


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