Parlando Kefali

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Parlando Kefali is an author of some repute.  His satirical style is well regarded in its use for commentary on topical issues.

Possibly the most widely known use of classic oratorical devices is his tricolon “Senza, Senso, Sonad” – which belies the influences of European languages and cultures in combining both Italian and Estonian.

Note to readers :   “senza senso” is from the Italian – “meaningless” and a English keyboard-friendly derivative of “sõnad” – Estonian for “words“.


Research on the web in June 2024 suggested Parlando Kefali is an enigmatic figure with web searches providing nil results ↓

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Although there is scant evidence to support this assertion, it is widely understood that Parlando Kefali parents are Italian and Greek – who were great influences on his life – as demonstrated by naming him Parlando (Italian ~ “talking”), Kefali (Greek ~ “head”).

It is also rumoured that his name gave rise to the generic term “Parando Kefalia” – the plural “heads” – to refer to the chattering classes, commentators and other pundits.