Pamelina Vechenko

Global Research Institute Of Technology And Innovation Pamelina Vechenko Postage Stamp Image

Ideoseamda Poŝtmarko is a series of 6 commemorative postage stamps issued on behalf of the Global Research Institute of Techonology and Innovation by Volker Bourne.

They celebrate the achievement of artifical image generation between 2023 and early 2024. Featuring stylised images of characters* Valentin Breschneva, Pamelina Vechenko, Ludmilla Korikova, Rudolph Titrianalov, Vadlandis Putrovski and Ameliana Volta-Ravka.

Issued in 100 denominations of the Instutute’s experimental currency – the Tritotoken.

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*As at 24th January 2024 “nil results” were returned for searches of the character names.

The 1st April 2024 saw the introduction of mithistomia and mithistomia art.  The term was created to encompass works (mainly written) generated by mankind with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Pamelina’s work “Attropiation” was amongst the first of the genre↓

Pamelina Vechenko Attropiation Mithistomia Art Image