Komple Manko-Sostanza

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Komple Manko-Sostanza is a man from a Turkish-Italian background.

He came to some note when he partnered with Parlando Kefali to cover some of the elections around the planet in 2024.

After hearing Michael Heseltine’s contribution to a UK general election interview – they noted his words about his involvement in politics from just after the second world war to the present day.

Lord Heseltine’s line about “there being nothing new in politics in the 70+ years of his involvement” set the two thinking about thier futures.

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Komple’s parents were somewhat at a loss as o how to name their first-born son.  They settled on a mix of Turkish “Komple”, Swedish “Manko” and Italian “Sostanza”.

They were reportedly overjoyed when they discovered the name was not recorded on the web ↓

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The idea of not raising unrealistic expectations meant they settled on the name meaning “complete lack of substance”.