Farita Mitai – Introducing the faritamitai

Farita Mitai Allow Me To Introduce The Faritamitai Thumbnail Image

Farita Mitai is a character created from 6 AI generated images of a brunnette lady. Originally designed as a model and/or muse for Volker Bourne at the Global Research Institute of Technology and Innovation.

The images were repurposed to promote the concept of the faritamitai – an image to denote assets created with the aid of, or by, artificial intelligence.

Farita Mitai Watermark Example 1 Image

In early part of 2024 there appeared to be a gap for a image (logo, watermark, icon, symbol) that could be used in a voluntary way by creators of assets that used (or made by) artificial intelligence.


Also for a name for the image seemed to be desirable. Thus was born the faritamitai and the polyonom “faritamitai”.

Farita Mitai Watermark Example 2 Image


Thank you for your time.

Chris @


The name Farita Mitai appeared not to be in records on the web as at 21 February 2024 ↓

Fartia Mitai Google Search Reuslt 21 February 2024 Image