Tips from making Volker Bourne V Card

Craig Galloway offered free V card service through his “Ignite” service on 5th February 2024.

He kindly agreed to using it for a Volker Bourne (an alter ego) – to create

The “Basic Page” in the back end set-up looked like this ↓

I found the text entries to be fairly self explanatory and required very little, if any, editing.

What I found took more time were the images.  They were those for the Profile, Cover, Services and Testimonials.

I thought others might find themselves in s similar position – so I put this page together to help guide through the image inputs.

They are not prescriptive – just what I found that worked for me.

Screenshot of the VCard as it stood on 6th February 2024 ↓


From the VCard Templates I chose the right most template ↓

The Profile Image was one I already created (with the portrait already centred) ↓ and was uploaded “as was” – the image being that below (877px x 664px) ie. no editing needed.

It was a similar experience with the images for the “Services” cards.   One of which is immediately below ↓

For the Cover Image a white background measuring 600 px wide by 314 px height was used with the wording and images centred.

For the Testimonials I re-used images I’d created as postage stamp mock-ups – each measuring 540px x 412 px  No editing was needed. ↓

That’s it – the images used in the VCard sections –

Profile, Cover, Services and Testimonials

Thank you for your time – Chris Davis and Volker Bourne 😉