The origin of the omraldia icon

The origin of the Omraldia icon lies in its role as a symbol used to denote web assets created using artificial intelligence.

This icon serves as a visual indicator of AI involvement in content creation, enhancing transparency and trust in digital environments.

The Omraldia icon is an evolution of the faritamitai concept introduced in February 2024.

Faritamitai being a polyonom created from the Esperanto word “farita” (made with), combined with the Germanic “mit” (with) and AI (the widely accepted acronym for artificial intelligence). (

Usefully the concept when translated into French gave rise to the phrase “origine marquée réalisée avec l’aide de l’intelligence artificielle”.

The initial letters from the phrase gave rise to the acronym “omraldia”.   This was then introduced as a polyonom (

Omraldia Light Grey Image

The Omraldia icon aligns with the tradition of using symbols to convey meaning and signifies the utilization of AI technologies in generating or assisting with web assets.

By incorporating this icon, asset creators and users can easily identify content created or influenced by artificial intelligence, fostering transparency and understanding in the digital landscape.