AI on Oddaities (2nd November 2023)

Oddaities is a polyonom created on 1st November 2023 (

The AI generated Bard content on 2nd November volunteered:-

Oddaities is a word that refers to the strange and unusual outputs of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. This is the definition that is used in the YouTube video “Oddaities = Odd AI Outputs (Ideosemada #31) A Polyonom” [2:]. For example, an AI system might generate text that is grammatically correct but nonsensical, or images that are distorted and surreal.

It can also refer to the strange and unusual things in general, including people, places, objects, and events. This is the definition that is used in the YouTube video “Oddaities” (Ideosemada #31) – YouTube [1:]. For example, an oddity might be a person who collects mummified cats, a town where everyone walks backwards, or a house that is shaped like a giant shoe.

Which definition of oddaities is intended depends on the context in which the word is used. In the context of this question, since the search results are two YouTube videos about AI, it is likely that the word is being used to refer to the strange and unusual outputs of AI systems.

Here are some examples of oddaities that AI systems have produced:-

A text generator that produced a story about a man who falls in love with his computer.
An image generator that produced a photorealistic image of a cat with a human face.
A music generator that produced a symphony that sounded like it was composed by a dog.

Oddaities can be a source of both fascination and amusement. They can also be a reminder that AI systems are still under development and that they can sometimes produce unexpected and even bizarre results. They also can influence the large language models that form the basis of content used to create auto-generated content!

Thank you for your time and entertaining the concept of “oddaities”.


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